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  1. New website looks great – keep us posted on your upcoming litter!!! Looks like a great pairing.

  2. Laurie,your website looks great! I’m going to pass the link along to my daughter. Hope to see you at the shows and in the field this coming spring.

  3. The website is looking good. Soon it will fill up quickly with lots of puppy pics. Can’t wait to hold those puppies and smell that puppy breath!

  4. the puppies look adorable! I’d really love a cuddle with them, but I’m too far away! give them a squeeze for me!

  5. Laurie,
    I love that photo of Herve standing up!! I think he and Molly will make lovely puppies 🙂
    We are so excited!!!!!!

  6. Nice meeting you guys today! It’s a decent place to breed dogs, and so happy to see the little puppies and their playful parents. Can’t wait for the next litter!

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