BBPIG Can. CH Cawarra’s Hi Calibre Corvette WC


    Diane Kendall, Cawarra Labradors Perm Reg /  Laurie Orr, Monohaven Labradors

Sire: SRH CH Cawarra’s Sam I Am WC JH
Dam: CH Cawarra’s Pinch of Pepper
Whelped: April 26, 2013

Call Name:  “Calibre”

Eye cert & hips info:

Hips: OFA Good   Elbows:  OFA Normal   Eyes:  Normal   EIC: Clear   PRA/PRCD: Clear , CNM: Clear   HNPK: Clear, Copper Toxicosis (CT): Clear,   HEART:  Normal


St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog   /   Earned both his Championship & Working Certificate in 2016

Pedigree of “CH Cawarra’s Hi Calibre Corvette WC”

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents  GreatGreatGrandparents

SRH CH Cawarra’s Sam I Am WC JH Am WCX

 UH HR CH Cawarra’s Gentle Ben WCX SH CGN  AmCH Waterbound Locke On Laddy MH WCX  Waterbound Thibedeaux
Shannon’s Alacazam
 Hiddenspring VeryKery Bonni MH  AmCH Frnaklins Pickpocket for Kerrybrook MH
 Cherri Oaks Macys Got It All MH
 Castilleja’s TL Rutu WC  Castilleja’s Jackson Squire  CH Castilleja Carson’s Special
 Castilleja’s Lady Jackie
 Castilleja Dixie’s Doll  Castilleja’s Durran
 Castilleja’s Whistling Dixie

CH  Cawarra’s Pinch of Pepper

 BISS CH Ginander’s Blue Suede Shoes  AmCH Lubberline Martingale  AmCH Hunt Club Clayview Funny Bear
 AmCH Hennings Mill Lubberline Jib
 Ginander Da Sky’s Da Limit  AmCH Blackdux Knight Moves JH
 CH Ginander’s French Connection CD WC JH CGC
 Cawarra’s Making Waves Molly  Castilleja TL Christo  AmCH Timberline Big Ben at Fawbhaven SH
 Castilleja’s Little Nipper
 CH Nyroca’s Dear Abby CD CGC  CH Tyekhon The Odyssey of Pirate
 Nyroca’s Pretty In Pink